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The images in this section are optimised for use as desktop pictures or wallpaper on your computer. You may only use these images for display on your personal computer. You may not redistribute these images by any means, remove or alter the copyright notice or modify the image in any way. Should you wish to use any of these images for something other than computer wallpaper please see my copyright section for use, contact and purchase information.




Windows. Choose the image you want to install by clicking on it. A new window will appear with a larger version of the image. Just click on the image with the right button of your mouse and choose 'Set as Wallpaper' or 'Set as Background'.

Mac OS X. From your web browser select the image you want, then control-click and select 'Save Image As...' or 'Download Image to Disk'. Save the image on your hard drive.

Hold down the control key again and click on the desktop and select 'Change Desktop Background'. You can now drag the downloaded image onto the System pane. Select 'Fill Screen' to hide the text at the foot of the image.


Please note that these images are copyright. Please read my image use section if you want to use them on your website or any other purpose.


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The Beach

Beaches and coasts from around the world.

Dive Wallpaper, blue sea fan, dive fiji wallpaper. © Beren Patterson. All Rights Reserved. yacht, water, sand, sea


Dive wallpaper with beautiful fans, stars, eggs and anemonies from Fiji.

. © Beren Patterson. All Rights Reserved. yacht, water, sand, sea


Vistas, sunsets, mountains and forests.

. © Beren Patterson. All Rights Reserved. yacht, water, sand, sea

Cities, Towns & Buildings

From metropoli to mud huts.

Religious wallpaper. © Beren Patterson. All Rights Reserved. yacht, water, sand, sea

Images of Gods

Religious sites, scenes and objects from Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and ancient beliefs.